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  "W" Says: 'Financial Freedom Awaits You!'  
Hi! George W. bush here.
I hope you are enjoying your GDI opportunity as much as
I am. I would like to welcome you as an affiliate of GDI and share with you a secret that's been working for me.
As you know GDI has created a very effective invitation system that allows you to enter the names of your friends and contacts.
This system sends them a special invitation to come and watch the unique GDI movie presentation that explains the opportunity online.
I urge you... use this system daily!
Enter the names of the people you do business with.
Anyone who may be interested in joining in this great GDI business opportunity.
People love this!
In fact, we had to take a computer away from Saddam because he was watching the movie over and over fanatically and wouldn't stop to eat his dinner! The other day I entered Tony Blair into the invite system.
He watched the movie and MAN was he ever fired up!
As soon as I am finished talking with you here today I'm going to enter every head of state i know into the invite system and let it do the work for me.
While I got you here... let me tell you the real Key folks.
Show people the GDI movie! It's that simple.
Show people the movie, then follow up, answer any questions that they have, and tell them how to get started on their free 7 day trial.
This is my last term as president.
I don't know about you but I plan on replacing my presidential salary completely within the next few years.
And I know that GDI is the vehicle that can make this happen. Take this seriously folks it can make you some serious income!
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